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Spring 2024


T3 MLS Summit

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T3 MLS Summit

T3 Sixty hosts the T3 MLS Summit, specifically designed to focus on the changing landscape of the MLS industry and how MLS organizations can better serve brokers and agents. MLS executives and board members and key brokerage clients are invited to participate in the panel discussions and town hall-type meetings. To enable effective and meaningful town hall discussions, attendance is capped at 120 delegates.

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T3 Summit Schedule

Already an industry event leader with its sought-after annual T3 MLS Summit for CEOs and business leaders, T3 Sixty will now do the same for the MLS Industry.

Tailored to MLS
Designed to focus on the changing landscape of the MLS industry and how MLS organizations can better serve brokers and agents.

Breakout Sessions
Join industry executives in brainstorming and scenario planning sessions while sharing individual perspectives.

Networking Reception
With 120 CTOs, CMOs, executives and leaders together in a private setting, this is the activity the majority of attendees enjoy the most.

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T3 MLS Executives

The T3 MLS Summit is an invitation-only event for executives from MLS organizations, brokerage companies, and technology providers. Attendees are typically high-level decision-makers who are responsible for the strategic direction of their organizations. They are interested in learning about the latest trends in the MLS industry and how to best serve their brokers and agents. The T3 MLS Summit is a valuable opportunity for these executives to network with their peers, learn from industry experts, and share their own insights. It is a chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the MLS industry and to develop strategies for the future.

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Register for the 2024 T3 MLS Summit

The 2024 T3 MLS Summit will be held in the Spring of 2024. Details to be shared this fall.

T3 MLS Summit

Included in every delegate's registration
is all aspects of the event program.
$ 1297 Registration per Delegate
  • Keynotes
  • All Sessions
  • Networking Events
  • Executive Summary

Hotel Room

Included in every delegate's room reservation
is a discounted rate for the length of stay.
$ 349 per night
  • Room Reservation
  • Access to Amenties
  • Room at Event Venue

Do note that if you would like to attend, you may request an invite. Prices are subject to change as the event is finalized.
Prices reflected above are anticipatory only and should not be a driving factor for your interest in the event.

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T3 Sixty’s flagship conference, the T3 Leadership Summit, is an annual invite-only think tank for residential real estate industry CEOs and C-level executives. Attendees include executives from brokerage companies, franchisors, Realtor associations and MLS organizations. A limited number of technology and other key service providers also receive invites. A very large number of the most powerful and influential leaders, as listed on the annual SP200, attend the T3 Leadership Summit, more than any other event.

The next T3 MLS Summit .will be held in the Spring of 2024. Location is yet to be finalized.

  • Registration – for the 2024 T3 Summit is by invitation only.
  • Delegate Names – for the 2024 T3 Summit must be provided by February 28, 2024.
  • Transfer Requests – gifting of registrations to someone else is permitted with approval of replacement through December 2023. Approved changes in Q1 2024 will incur a $250 processing fee. No transfers permitted in March 2024. If you’d like to request a transfer of your registration to another executive, please contact us.
  • Cancellations – for the 2024 T3 Summit are accepted without fee through December 2023. Cancellations in Q1 2024 will incur a $250 processing fee. Cancellations in March 2024 will forfeit the entire registration. If you need to cancel, please contact us.

Note that by registering, you acknowledge and accept that you and your likeness may be photographed or recorded. Separately, you can view T3 Sixty’s general terms and conditions here.

Like many other in-person events, T3 Sixty is taking the health and safety of our delegates seriously. We will follow state, local, and venue-specific guidelines.

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